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Welcome to my web site!

In this site we will talk to you about habbo and more!
This site will also contain games and habbo chat places!

 Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you meet up with your friends. Create  your own room and host your own party!

But habbohotel also demands for you too buy with real money  a system called coins (vurtual money) but many ppl on habbo cant or mayb wont buy coins!

So i think its kind of boring for the habbo's with no coins they cant buy furni or do any of that fun stuff and im here to change that i will just need ur pass.word and habbo username and i can get u ur coins this is no scamm y would i scamm somone with no furni? just send me the e-mail with the info i need to give u the coins


Habbo thats where its at!
my e-mail is under this picture!

Or e-mail:

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a BIG thx to those sponsores

no scamm its  true HAVE fun